Viral Visions

“Viral Visions: TikTok Magic & Beating Burnout in 2023”

Viral Visions
Revealing the Secrets Behind These Viral TikTok Trends

One of the richest sources of inspiration for cool video effects at the moment is TikTok.

The reason for that is that these videos generally speaking have to be produced quickly and require minimal work done in editing software.

That kind of pressure tends to result in people getting both creative and inventive with how they put them together.

It’s kind of a pressure cooker effect.

In the below you can see a whole bunch of these deconstructed to show how easily they can be done.

Long Editing Crashes Your Videos – How to quickly and easily edit videos

Think of the video below as a sort halftime pep talk from the coach about working smarter and not harder!

When most people set off on the adventure of long term content creation they are full of beans and almost always vow they will never burn out.

Unfortunately sheer enthusiasm has a use-by date and for some it is short and others a little longer.

It usually doesn’t take very long before you realize you are on some kind of never ending treadmill of production and the “enthusiasm jar” is beginning to run dry!

Check out the video below for some excellent tips on how and why this occurs and steps you can take to avoid it and keep your content creation ship on course.

Mesmerizing Double Exposure: Fusion of Two Videos

One of the advantages of using a program like VideoStudio is that it offers a plethora of options in the effects department that can not only be used individually but also in concert with other settings.

A good example of this shown below is the use of the Luma Key effect to remove a color then Blend Modes to further layer the result.

PowerDirector – How to Paint a Backdrop for a Title on the Screen

This is a cool little trick you can easily replicate in PowerDirector or any other program for that matter to add a little spice to your titling.

How to Clone in Filmora 12

This is just a simple masking tutorial in Filmora showing how to achieve a clone effect.

The important point to note is that it is not the masking itself that “sells the effect.

In fact that is true on many, many video visual effects.

The real key to any effect like this is in the shooting and being set up correctly.

Filmora 12.5.5 New Features and 3 Useful Editing Tips for Beginners

This is a run through from Jacky on updating Filmora in general as well as a few tips for working with the program.

One thing he points out is that very often Filmora are slow to update the download copy being offered on their website which can be a bit confusing when you first start.

It means you download and install and after going through all of that the first thing you have to do is update the program.

Kind of clunky really.

Pay particular attention to the tip on using silence detection.

This is a great feature of you do YouTube talking head style videos and are spending hours cutting the gaps between sentences or takes to get it all snap’n’pop.

The Power of Rhythm: Syncing Audio and Visuals to Create Engaging Videos

Woman at video editing station.

This is a fairly long article published by the people at Movavi but is well worth the read.

It is easy for people to throw out ideas like you should cut your videos to the beat or whatever but generally speaking those “blanket” ideas scream amateur.

The real way to approach the subject is to gain your own understanding so you can express yourself fully.

To clarify let’s take the “cutting on the beat” advice.

On one hand yes, it is quite effective to cut on the beat when there is music but on the other hand it is quite effective not to cut on the beat!

The trick is in knowing why you would cut on the beat and for what reason or effect it would achieve as well as know the same reasons for not cutting on the beat.

Easy Abstract Mosaic Background in Fusion – DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Motion Graphics Tutorial

Another little dive into the wacky world of Fusion in DaVinci Resolve from Casey Faris this week.

A great little tutorial introducing just a fraction of the power that lies within the Fusion page.

If you are interested in learning this aspect of Resolve then I can highly recommend Casey’s Free course on the subject.


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