Lighting FX & Descript Showcase

“Brilliance Unleashed: Lighting FX & Descript Showcase” 2023

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Lighting FX & Descript Showcase

These days most video editing software comes with an astounding array of preset or pre-packages effects.

The problem with this is that it creates an impression that all you have to do is add the effect and suddenly it’s all Hollywood magic!

That’s just not true in most cases.

In most cases the result is that it is quite clear you slapped on a preset effect and the overall look is pretty cheesy.

Professional effects are not just a drag’n’drop proposition.

They are built up from many different layers and elements that are added to the base effect in order to sell it to the audience.

One of the keys to selling a visual effect is the lighting.

Sure you can easily make a lightsabre effect but if it were “real” then there would have to be light from the sabre shining on to the hero’s face right?

In the video below you can at least get an insight into what you should be looking at when it comes to lighting visual effects.

Descript Tutorial 2023

It is a bit tricky to describe exactly all that Descript can do and how it does it and I think the best introduction is the video below.

The beauty of Descript is that it uses the transcript of a video to edit that video!

Now that may sound a bit strange but the reality is that for most YouTube type videos the majority of the cutting tends to be done based on the dialogue.

So usually that means expanding the waveform of the video and using that to make all the initial cuts.

What you are doing is cutting on the dialogue based on the waveform.

In Descript you make those same cuts only instead of using the waveform you use the text of the dialogue!

Now full disclosure here, I don’t use it myself for that original cutting.

I just feel more comfortable with traditional cutting but I do use Descript for one thing.

Inside the interface there is a tool for using A.I to enhance and clean up voice over tracks and it is very good.

You can check out Descript Here

How to Edit Boring Handheld B Roll in 7 STEPS – PowerDirector

One of the common catchphrases you see bandied about is that you simply have to capture B-roll for later use.

That’s usually fine if you have a storyboard and shot list with an exact idea of where it is all going as well as time to make all “just right.”

Of course this concept falls in a heap if you are just winging it and only happened to grab some B-roll as an afterthought.

Usually what happens is that you get your footage into your editing software and the B-roll just looks boring or out of place or is somehow mismatched.

The fact is that all is not lost when it comes to footage like this.

Very often with a few tweaks and some simple effects it can be salvaged.

Check out some these tips executed in PowerDirector.

PowerDirector – Edit and Transition 3 clips Vertically

This is just a simple “How to” showing how to sequentially introduce three videos to a 16:9 project by cropping the originals, repositioning them and then having them slide in.

It is a simple technique once you know how and gives a good demonstration of manipulating videos within the interface.

How To Make Facebook Reels (+ The Reels Settings You Need To Know!)

FaceBook Reels are a great way to extend the reach of your videos or video channel but like all things video these days, you have to get it right.

In the video below you can get all the right info from the guys at Primal Video on maximizing this valuable resource.

How to Get 10,000 YouTube Subscribers in 7 Videos?

It is very easy on YouTube to start obsessing with Subscriber numbers especially when YouTube itself uses this as a marker for monetization along with Watch Time.

However the YouTube algorithm that governs when and how your videos will be exposed to old and potential new viewers pretty much pays no attention to that.

Check out the video below for a far more balanced view on all of this and more importantly what things you really should be focussing on with your content.

Enhance the Energy of Your Videos Now With These 5 POP-UP TEXT Effects

Most of these effects can be easily done in the Edit Page of DaVinci as shown in the video below.

More importantly, to pull them off in any other video editing software all you need is the ability to control the parameters of the text and add keyframes.

They can be a little fiddly or time consuming to do but the effects themselves are quite effective.

How to Crop & Resize in Fusion – DaVinci Resolve Fusion Tutorial for Beginners

This is another in a series of reasonably quick tutorials from Casey Faris covering actions in the Fusion Page of DaVinci Resolve.

If you are at all interested in taming the Fusion Page and taking advantage of the power that lies in there then this is a great way to go.

Casey has been posting these little quick tips videos for a few weeks now and it really is a great way to find your way around that page.


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