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DaVinci Resolve 18.5 – The Fusion Crash Course for Beginners

For quite a while now whenever I mention doing any kind of work in DaVinci Resolve I have to single out the Fusion Page.

Although Resolve is most certainly an all-in-one app for end-to-end video production the Fusion page is probably the most powerful along with the Color Page.

The reason for that goes back to the origins of DaVinci Resolve when it was essentially created as a professional-level color correction/grading and compositing program.

It was at that time (and still is) the industry standard for color correction and grading and was right up there in the compositing department.

Over time the software was expanded to cover all aspects of production but the core modules of color and compositing are now both at the forefront of movie and video production.

The Color Page is reasonably easy to use at a basic level because it inherited many of the features and layouts of image editing software that a lot of people are already familiar with.

On the other hand, there was never any existing set of protocols upon which the composting page could be based so it will always look a bit foreign to anyone using it the first time.

This means that one of the most powerful modules of Resolve has the steepest learning curve.

It is for this reason that I am sure a lot of people steer clear of it not realizing just how powerful it really is.

In response to that Casey Faris has put together a complete beginners guide to the Fusion Page in Resolve and if you are interested it is totally free.

I have followed Casey for years now and his teaching style is relaxed, clear and very methodical so maybe check it out!

Free Fusion Survival Guide https://www.groundcontrol.film/survival-guide

How To Make A YouTube Video Intro

One thing that can really make your videos online stand out is having a branded or consistent intro to every video you make.

For people returning this conveys a sense of certainty and continuity that they really like.

For first timers that intro should display a level of eye-catching professionalism that assures them they have come to the right place.

That being said the downside is that creating a really good intro requires that you have an excellent handle on your editing software and an eye for design.

For me the editing of a video is easy but when it comes to graphic design I totally suck!

That’s where the tools shown in the video below really come into their own.

Adding Graphics to Videos in VideoStudio

A very prominent part of the style of current videos for online content is the addition of graphics to add punch and to clarify the message.

VideoStudio has a great selection of available preset and pre-made graphics that come with the program itself as well as an online repository of extra assets.

In the video below you can get a pretty good idea of how you can use graphics in VideoStudio as well as combining them with other features such as motion tracking to really spice up your videos.

How to Change YouTube Channel Names

Very often when it comes to naming a YouTube channel you go with what seemed to be a good idea at the time!

However just as often after you have created some content and your channel has gone in a direction that wasn’t really where you thought it would go… that name seems a bit clunky!

In the video below you can follow along step by step to see how you can change that name into something more appropriate without adversely affecting the channel itself.

The subscription based PowerDirector 365 version has recently been updated and as part of that update they have added some more transitions.

They fall under the headings of Glitch, Carousel and Fisheye.

In the video below you can see what the transitions falling under these headings look like.

5 Audio Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know About – Sound Editing in Movavi Video Editor

The old adage that the most important part of video is audio still holds true to this day.

In the video below you can get a few ideas for taking your audio editing to the next level by adding ambient sound as well as manipulating your background music.

5 Tricks to Make Your Videos 10x Better

The guys at Cinecom have been kind of quiet lately due to them working on a lot of their own projects.

This week they came out with a new “tips” video and I think it is very much worth taking the time to watch.

It is easy to sink into a comfortable rut when you are creating videos resulting in a kind of dull predictability setting in.

On the other hand wildly bouncing around from style to style with no real direction or consistency can be just as damaging.

So here are some things you can do to keep things interesting as well as creative.

YouTube Bans All Reuploads! YouTube Monetization Update 2023

As usual YouTube have been chopping and changing things recently especially with the elimination of all short content except for #Shorts.

They have also introduced a few other restrictions so you can get all the skinny in the video below.


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