“Cutting Edge Tips: Friday’s Guide to Trimming and Dominating FB Livestreams!”


The Ultimate Beginner’s Trimming Guide

Probably the most basic action you will need to get under control in any video editing software after adding footage to the timeline is cutting and trimming your clips.

This can be a very time-consuming action but the bottom line is that there is no way around it.

The only relief you can get at this stage is by really getting to know the interface of your software and all the tools available.

In other words, you can lessen the pain but never eliminate it!

In this video, Gripps goes through the tools you have at your disposal within VideoStudio.

Professional Trailer Editor Reacts: Oppenheimer – Official Trailer

I like to occasionally sit down and watch a pro dissect another pro’s work to get a handle on what they are doing and why.

In the video below you can get a sort of “behind the scenes” look at the techniques the creator was employing to evoke specific reactions in the intended audience.

More importantly, you can see how the ultimate purpose of the trailer is served by the editing choices being made.

Facebook Live Streaming – How To Go Live On Facebook Like a Pro

Going live on FaceBook has been a “thing” for a while now and back in the dark old days it was a bit of a pain to setup and get right.

Simply following the “plug’n’play” suggestions provided at the time did get the job done but often it was either hit or miss or… the hits were pretty poor quality.

Since then and as a result of lockdowns in our recent past, technology has advanced and these days it’s a whole new ballgame.

Check the video below for the latest and greatest on getting this right.

PowerDirector Q&A Live

OK so it appears Maliek from PowerDirector University has adopted a new content strategy!

It seems that he is no longer creating tutorials as his go to form of production.

Instead of that he has opted for a weekly Q&A livestreams which I think is a great idea.

This way he can directly address the questions of people in realtime and given his familiarity with the program he is usually spot on. Always worth watching.

Filmora 12 Tutorial: HSL Colour Grading Explained

Over the past few versions, Filmora has been beefing up its color correction and grading tools which is a good thing!

However, that’s all a bit wasted if you don’t really understand what it all means and more particularly what the terminology is.

So in the video below you can get not only an understanding of how to work with the HSL controls but also what HSL means in the first place!

Wondershare Filmora 12 Tips and Tricks in 20 Minutes with Jacky Nguyen

This is a twenty-minute video from Jacky offering a whole range of tips and tricks for using Filmora to create videos.

The reason I think this is of particular value is that it is entirely based on questions and comments Jacky has received on his YouTube channel.

So rather than trying to imagine questions people may have, there are actual questions from real people.

Tip for Better Animation in Fusion- DaVinci Resolve Fusion Tutorial for Beginners

This is another in a series of very short and simple tutorials by Casey Faris on working in the Fusion Page of DaVinci Resolve.

I can highly recommend Casey’s approach to this often confusing section of the overall Resolve interface.

Rather than trying to wrap it all up into one big lesson, I think he is really a winner by just walking you through some simple tasks that allow you to ultimately master that page.


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