“Captivate & Glamorize 2023: Friday’s Guide to Audience Engagement and Glambots!”

Storytelling for Short Form Video: Create Attention-Grabbing Content

One of the lessons that is always repeated when it comes to video is that humans will always respond to a story.

No matter how many cool transitions or special effects you introduce it will all add up to nothing if there isn’t really a story to that video.

The question arises that if you are creating a video on how to plant roses then how the hell does that become a story!

I totally understand that question and on the surface with many videos it looks to be impossible.

In reality how to plant roses is a process and you can turn any process into a story.

It can be purely sequential or you can introduce adversity and then overcome it… all sorts of things.

In the video below you can get some great tips on introducing story to short videos but I have another suggestion.

Go to any video on YouTube on a subject similar to yours or at least parallel and find the most popular ones.

Ignore everything else in the video.

Just look at it and see how story has been introduced to make it compelling becuase chances are that if it is popular there is a story there.

How to Create This Homemade Epic GLAMBOT Video! – Wondershare Filmora

This is a pretty cool deconstruction of how people are creating crazy videos on platforms like TikTok by imitating Glambots.

So I guess first up we need to establish what a glambot is!

Glambots are camera bases with a robotic arm attached.

Connected to that robotic arm is usually very high quality high speed camera.

They are most often seen at Red Carpet type events where they capture high frame rate high resolution video using preset motions.

This footage can then be loaded into video editing software and manipulated in very extreme ways without loss of quality.

For example the high frame rates allow for super slow motion and speed ramping.

So when it comes to trying to copy this technique with a smartphone there has to be some creativity and ingenuity involved to get the job done as you will see in the video.

Trending Video Editing Tips: AI Tools that SAVE TIME – PowerDirector

With the addition of a number of A.I. tools into the PowerDirector interface it is easy to kind of forget what they do or even understand where it all fits in.

The concept of A.I. always has to be that it adds value either in a creative way or in a way that reduces the work needing to be done.

Let’s face it. I am sure you have seen lots of cool “A.I.” stuff touted all over the internet over the past years only to find that although it seems cool… it doesn;t really DO much at all.

These Youtube Updates Will Kill Your Channel In 2023

One thing you need to know when it comes to operating on YouTube is that they are the absolute kings of introducing features, waiting until everyone has a handle on it… then cancelling the feature!

Here’s an update on what is new and headed for the scrapheap, what is already on the scrapheap and where the heck we are in 2023

3 Editing Secrets I Wish I Knew Earlier

This is a really important video if you are looking to take your video projects to a higher level.

Right from the start he conveys one of the most important lessons any new video maker or editor should learn.

That lesson is, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

How many overly busy wizzbang video edits have you seen where the editor has added a transition or effect because he or she thought that transition or effect was cool.

No matter what the effect on the story or audience was, they just thought it was cool.

Filmora 12.5 is HERE! What’s New?

Well here’s a runthrough from Jacky on the new and improved features in Filmora 12.5.

Actually 12.4.7 only arrived a few weeks ago so as usual there has been no letup in the forward progress of Filmora development!

In the video Jacky mentions he has received an advance copy of 12.5 and that’s because he is a recognized (by Filmora) creator.

However as of this week the new version is definitely live.

Filmora 12: Step-by-Step Tutorial: Stop Motion Effect

Although stop motion is an easy process it takes a fair bit of image wrangling to get it down.

The reason I have included this video is that it shows how to select, import and add to the timeline a large number of images for a stop motion sequence.

How to Re-Edit any Trailer to Horror

This is an excellent breakdown of how different editing styles and choices can take on thing and turn it into something else completely.

More importantly it shows how different ways of doing things can impact what the audience perceives to be happening,

Taking Barbie and turning it into horror is in itself a genius move!

How to Pixelate An Image in Fusion – DaVinci Resolve Fusion Tutorial for Beginners

This is another quick tutorial from Casey working in the Fusion Page of DaVinci Resolve.

As I keep mentioning the Fusion Page is easily the most complex to learn so I really think that just following along with these short tutorials is a great way to learn it overall.


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